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Business casual has become a popular dress code for men. However, there is a lot of confusion about what to wear and what to ditch.  We all know that business isn’t something you should be casual about, but business moguls like Mark Zuckerberg have redefined business fashion sense and more people are adopting this style of dressing.

The detailed guide will help you determine where your company falls and how you can adjust your outfits to suit your work environment.

As men we often put less effort into our appearance in our adolescent years than our female counterparts, leaving us without the knowledge that we need to know how to dress well as we age. Despite this, knowing what to wear and when is incredibly important.

While it’s true that individuals have a unique taste and different subcultures have their style of dress, the vast majority of men have a similar idea of what constitutes a “well-dressed” man. Typically, it involves clothes that fit him well, smart pieces and a strict grooming and exercise routine that allows him to emphasize his natural features.

Style is one aspect of life that seems to be ever-changing.  What is popular one day goes out of the style the next.  When it comes to men’s style, there are few articles of clothing that transcend generations. 

While top hats and spectacles are unlikely to make a stylistic comeback anytime soon, one clothing article that has survived throughout generations is the pea coat. 

Although the seersucker suit and jacket were once a thing of the past, they seem to be making a comeback recently. If you pay any attention to male celebrity looks on the red carpet, you’ll see that these suits can not only be fashionable, but they can also make men look very gentlemanly.

However, the suits aren’t as common as they once were, so it can be a struggle to learn how to wear one. They don’t fit quite the same as a regular suit and it can be easy to go overwhelm a look with the wrong tie or shoes.