How to Wear Joggers Like a Pro

For such a simple pair of pants, joggers have had an awful lot of press of the past few decades, and surprisingly its simple shape has also been adapted into a selection of varieties.

What once was reserved for athletes on the track has now become part of mainstream fashion and should be in the wardrobe of any stylish man.

What are Joggers?

If you couldn’t guess from the name, joggers were designed to be worn when jogging or exercising. Traditionally they were made from relatively thick cotton which would provide extra warmth when you were running outdoors. In its most simple and traditional format, joggers were typically baggy rather than form-fitting so that you can comfortably move quickly without being limited by the fabric.

Modern joggers are completely different, often being made from new “athletic” fabrics which help to wick sweat away from your legs. Ironically, joggers are used less for exercise these days and more as a fashion statement. As a result, the baggy appearance has shifted into a tapered pant that is tight around the ankle, and by using elastane in the fabric, they are stretchy and more comfortable than ever before.

How Should Joggers Fit

As a result, joggers can fit in a variety of different ways depending on the look or style that you’re going for. A loose-fitting traditional jogger can give you an urban and more relaxed appearance, while tapered and tight joggers will be more stylish and suave. If in doubt, the modern style of tapered and elasticated joggers look best on the majority of men.

The tapered appearance helps to make your legs look slim and muscular, and it prevents you from looking like a pyramid with a wide base and a slim shirt on top. Plus, tapered joggers tend to be more versatile because they can more easily be dressed up with smarter shirts or even a jacket.

What to Wear with Joggers

By definition, joggers are a casual pair of pants, about as relaxed as it can get. As a result, attempting to make them anything different is going to be a mistake. Instead, go with the flow and embrace the casual urban appearance by wearing them with other casual and semi-casual pieces to create an overall outfit.

While the vast majority of men only wear joggers to the gym or when they are exercising, if you are clever you can easily wear them with a huge variety of different outfits. You can even wear them out to a relaxed bar if you pick a more tapered pair of pants and opt for relatively smart shoes and shirts.

Casual with T-shirts

If you’re unsure about what to wear with your joggers, a casual t-shirt is the simplest choice and impossible to go wrong with. T-shirts are as casual as a pair of joggers and therefore no matter how you wear it you’re going to look like you put effort into your appearance.

When it comes to the color and fit of your shirt, you need to take into consideration the pants that you’re wearing. With wide and baggy pants, you’re not going to want a slimmer shirt because it will ruin your symmetry and proportions, instead, keep your shirt relatively baggy.

While if you’re wearing modern tapered joggers, then you can easily get away with either a slim or baggy t-shirt, although a regular or slim cut shirt is likely to look more appealing. With regards to color, matching with the color of your joggers is always going to be a safe bet, as if either a white or a black t-shirt. Outside of these three options, you need to be more careful as your joggers are already very relaxed and you don’t want to look like you didn’t put any thought into your appearance.

A Touch Smarter

If you want to look a little bit smarter, although certainly still casual, you can change up your outfit ever so slightly by pretending that your joggers are chinos. To put it simply, modern-day tapered joggers often look like a soft cotton version of chinos and therefore it’s not a stretch for you to replace them.

Imagine this, a pair of navy tapered joggers, matching slim fit t-shirts, leather loafers and a pair of black sunglasses. Not bad, right? Tailored pants always look fantastic, and despite their soft appearance, you can dress them up slightly with matching colors and a more formal pair of footwear like a loafer and possibly even a summer blazer.

If you’re going to try an outfit like this, it’s advisable that you pick a pair of joggers that are incredibly tailored and in a dark color like a navy or black which gives off a more professional feeling. By dressing it up with a silver watch, glasses and loafers you can give yourself a free pass to wear the most comfortable pants in existence to even relatively smart events.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a bit of an oddity. While they were originally worn by the upper classes when riding on horseback, they have become significantly more casual in recent years and can easily be worn with joggers if you’re selective about the colors and styles. Polos that are well-fitted and relatively plain, even with a matching color to your joggers, can look fantastic.

A small step up from a basic t-shirt, the collar of a polo gives it more class and makes it even easier for you to wear it with leather loafers, or to dress down with smart sneakers. The polo is more versatile than most men give it credit for and therefore you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing it with joggers and whatever shoes you prefer.

Bomber Jackets

While it’s relatively simple to match a shirt to your joggers, outwear is a little more complex. Most outwear is designed to be worn with denim or smarter clothes, and therefore there is only a limited amount of outwear pieces which can look great with joggers, one of them is the bomber jacket.

Bombers have come in and out of style repeatedly over there lifespan but when it comes to joggers, there’s no better jacket. They have the same style and appearance as joggers, and therefore it’s incredibly hard to go wrong with them. Matching colors is a particularly simple way to look good without having to think. Given that most bombers are available in black and navy, those are two ideal colors for you to get your joggers in.

Running Shoes and Clean Sneakers

The two most obvious pairs of footwear to go with your joggers are running shoes and clean sneakers. Running shoes need little explanation; this is what joggers were designed for and given that they are now more in-style than ever before, it makes sense to get yourself at least a couple pairs which can match perfectly with your joggers.

When we talk about clean sneakers, we’re referencing a relatively smart sneaker which could easily be worn up, even with a relaxed suit or down with joggers. Take for example a pair of white sneakers, they are incredibly versatile and therefore are the perfect shoe for wearing with different colors of joggers regardless of the formality that you’re going for.

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