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Long before belts became standard attire, suspenders were the most common method of keeping your trousers from falling. Truthfully, they’re far better at it than a belt.

While a belt tightens your pants around your waist, increasing the friction and making it harder for them to slip, a pair of suspenders works directly against gravity and is therefore far more effective.

Knowing how to dress at different times in your life can be challenging, but eventually, the time comes when you need to start dressing like a real man. For some of us, this time came at thirteen or fifteen when we were expected to attend formal events with our family, while for others it might not occur until after university.

Regardless of when it happens, it comes to all of us, and it can be incredibly difficult to switch your wardrobe and style completely to dress like a real man. Fortunately, with a few tips, we’ll be able to make it easier for you, so that you can transition as smoothly as possible.

While they are about as Canadian as it comes, the flannel shirt has dominated the North American fashion scene for decades. Whether it’s David Beckham in Paris or Ryan Gosling in NYC, flannel shirts can be worn in a variety of ways that can look both stylish and laissez-faire at the same time, a look which has become increasingly popular in the past decade.

For such a simple pair of pants, joggers have had an awful lot of press of the past few decades, and surprisingly its simple shape has also been adapted into a selection of varieties.

What once was reserved for athletes on the track has now become part of mainstream fashion and should be in the wardrobe of any stylish man.

Deciding what you want to wear every morning is a pain in the you know what and this frustration is only amplified by the number of clothes that you have. Wouldn’t you love to be able to go into your wardrobe and pick out an outfit in seconds, knowing that it would always look stylish? It sounds like a dream, but it could easily be your reality.

Minimalism as a concept has been around for generations, and it’s only in recent years that we’ve started to stockpile clothes like there is an impending apocalypse. The truth is, you don’t wear 90% of your clothes and therefore you’re making your life far more difficult than it needs to be by keeping them rather than replacing them.

Looking stylish in a suit is easy, but what happens when you need to go to a bar or a ball game with your friends? Getting the same look from casual clothes is far more difficult, which is why the vast majority of men end up looking disheveled at best when they are in their relaxed or casual clothes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You only need to look as far as celebrities like David Gandy to see that you can look just as stylish wearing jeans as you can in a suit. By picking your clothes carefully, matching colors and ensuring that the fit is on point, you can all but guarantee that you’ll be the best-dressed man in any bar that you walk into.